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Bay of Plenty District Notices

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June 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to the Bay of Plenty District, Freemasons New Zealand.

The District Grand Master's Column

Greetings Brethren,

Thank you to all that participated in and visited the Musical Second Degree Working at Gate Pa in May. It was wonderful to see so many Lodges represented and to have the Lodge rooms full to overflowing. The harmony between the Lodges in our District was evident to see and it is heartening to see the visits and shared workings between the expanded group of Lodges in the District.

Most of the District's Lodges were represented at the Northern Divisional Conference as well. The participants engaged in an interesting and informative program and the afternoon sessions, where groups broke off to discuss the collated results of the 7 pillars survey that was sent to all Lodges, proved rewarding. The presence of an Entered Apprentice, a Fellow Craft and several Master Masons illustrated future promise for the Craft and they played an important role in providing feedback on the reports from the break-out groups at the conference.

The Northern Division has purchased a set of four display banners for each District. The Bay of Plenty's banners were utilised the day after the Conference, at the Open Day organised by Lodge Arawa, and are available for the use of any Lodge in the District, whether it to be at an Open Day, Garage Sale, Sausage Sizzle or the like. Each banner illustrates a different aspect of Freemasonry in New Zealand. The banners are in the care of and available from our Communications Officer.

VW Bro Rob Jessop, Dist GM

Note: I have photos and videos available from the 2nd Degree working at Gate Pa, as well as some of our new banners. I will be making these available on the Internet - as soon as I can find a host with preferably a password lock. The other possibility is to send everyone a link to a private folder on my Dropbox account so they may be browsed and downloaded at your leisure. I also have other photos from other events, about 5GB worth, so if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate them either by email or phone to my contact details on the attached calendar. It is not currently possible to upload photos to our District Web Site, but that is my current preferred long term option, which would require BOP Brethren to be issued with a Signon. What do you think? Kevin Carroll.

  • Bay of Plenty and other District's Programs

  • The Bay of Plenty District's Program (2 pages) should be attached at the base of this email. Double click on it to open, view full size and print. Or download the latest BOP June program by clicking here. Or view our calendar online at

    All other District's programs, as received, are listed at, as are all amendments.
    Auckland Districts' Program for June and July.
    The latest Wellington Workings should always be available by clicking here.

  • Events

  • Almoners Association Meeting - Friday 7th June, 10:00 AM, Rotorua Masonic Centre:
    "The Role of the Almoner", presented by VW Bro Bob Monson, Divisional Almoner.
    All are welcome, including wives and partners. This is an important meeting to identify the role our Almoners have to all the Masonic family.
    For further information, read the 2013 06 07 Geyserland Almoners Meeting invitation.

    Freemasons at Fieldays 2013 - Wednesday 12th June to Saturday 15th June, Mystery Creek, Hamilton:
    We welcome all enquiries from the public and look forward to your visit to our stand, site LS38 & LS39, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. If you'd like to volunteer on the Freemasons New Zealand stand, contact the Organiser, John Barns - Graham.
    Details are on the 2013 Fieldays Flyer.

    Fundraising Dinner in Aid of Waipa Lodge - Monday 17th June, 6:00 PM, Hamilton:
    The Waikato District have organised a Black Tie Fundraising Dinner in aid of the Waipa Lodge, Te Awamutu, which was damaged in an arson attack, as notified last month. Please read your Special Invitation. Thank you. Click on the AA Map site for directions. Note the road marked A is now blocked off and the entry is via Te Wetini Drive. The Restaurant is located in "L" Block (the first building on Campus) and there is ample parking available outside the building.

    The Freemasons Longest Morning Tea - Saturday 6th July, from 10:00 AM:
    Freemasons Lodges or out in the community - a Nationwide event. By supporting a charity or local organisation, a 1:1 subsidy is available from Freemasons Charity (apply in advance), or a 2:1 subsidy is available for supporting Camp Quality. The Longest Morning Tea Flyer has details.

    In Search for that which has been forgotten - Part 3 - Labour Weekend, 2013 - This is the 3rd iteration of this extremely well organised and fun trip in the companionship of other Brethren and their families to a not-so-often-visited part of New Zealand. This time - through the Coromandel. Funds are raised for Charity - details are in this brochure - this year we will assist in the establishment of a special garden and playground at the Homai School for the Blind. Having been on the last two trips, I can state that there is a lot of humour and comradeship, with long term friendships established and maintained and well worth going on. Not to mention that my Sister attended Homai when she was a teenager. Brian Crone is seeking expressions of interest for this trip now.

  • Lodge Information

    The BOP District's Lodge Information Year Planner has been updated for June. Changes are highlighted in yellow for the incoming Masters and Secretaries.

  • An Advancement in Daily Knowledge

  • Over the next few months, I will be presenting articles on The Royal Arch and Other Masonic Bodies. Unfortunately, due to time constraints I have been unable to complete the first article this month, so look forward to next month when an introduction to The Royal Arch will be given. For those with enquiring minds and who wish to further their education into 'Completing the Six Degrees of Freemasonry', as defined by Rule 71 of the Book of Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Antient, Free and Accepted Masons of New Zealand, your qualification as a Master Mason enables you to join a Royal Arch Chapter and this article About Royal Arch Masonry explains why, what and how.

  • This Month's events

    • This Monday(Queen's Birthday), Lodge Waihi are hosting out Dist GM, VW Bro Rob Jessop, and the Grand Master, MW Bro Selwyn Cooper. The ceremony will be the presentation of a 70 year Service Bar to W Bro Allan Robinson, RH.
    • Lodge Kawerau is also be holding their regular meeting that night - working the first of four 1st Degree's in the District this month.
    • There is an important Almoner's Meeting in Rotorua on Friday 7th - VW Bro Bob Monson, the Divisional Almoner will be speaking.
    • Lodge Katikati will be installing Bro Ivan Perry, SW, as Master on Tuesday 11th.
    • There are three 1st Degree Tracing Boards being presented this month - make a Lodge Visit for some Daily Advancement? I will also be presenting a Q&A session on Computers at Tauranga Lodge after their Tracing Board.
    • Gate Pa Lodge are hosting a presentation on "The Second Degree" which promises to be interesting and informative.
    • Lodge Apanui extend a welcome to all Masons and their Partners for a Mid Winter Christmas Roast Dinner. Just let the Lodge know numbers for this convivial occasion. Thank you.

The upcoming four 1st Degree workings reminded me of this:

A new initiate returned home to his wife who was naturally curious to know what went on. The conversation went something like this.
She) Well how'd it go?
He) Very well - most interesting...
She) What did go on?
He) I'm not really sure if I can tell you about it.
She) Well is there anything you *can* tell me?
He) Well, it seems there are 3 classes of men in the lodge - walkers, talkers and spiritual men.
She) What do they do? - if you can tell me.
He) The walkers walked me around the lodge. The talkers talked to me and to the walkers as I was led around ....
She) And the spiritual men? What of them?
He) They seem to be a special class of men - all with dark blue and gold aprons and gauntlets. They just sat on the benches around the lodge with their heads in their hands chanting repeatedly "Oh My ...! Oh My ...!"

Fraternally Yours,
Bro Kevin Carroll
Communications, Bay of Plenty District | us on Facebook

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