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The District Grand Master's Column

Greetings Brethren and Ladies all.

Welcome to Bay of Plenty District, Freemasons New Zealand.

District Grand Master’s Column

Greetings and Welcome to the Bay of Plenty District No 7, of Freemasons New Zealand.

This website is in the process of being redeveloped to better inform the public and serve the needs of the Lodges and other Masonic Bodies in our District.

Freemasons in the District receive a monthly email with news, the calendar and notification of upcoming events. If you are a member of the Bay of Plenty District and are not receiving the newsletter, or a Freemason belonging to a recognised Constitution and wish to receive the newsletter, please contact our Communications Officer or Webmaster.

Some of this is available on our Facebook page, below, along with links to our Google+ and Twitter accounts.

For further information on Freemasonry in general or this District in particular, please contact me directly. Contact Details re below, or via the 'Contact Us' menu.

VW Bro Mike Cooke, Dist GM






Tyler's Toast

To all poor and distressed Freemasons
Wherever they may be
We wish them a speedy relief from their sufferings
And a safe return to their native land
Should they so desire.

This toast, and variations of, is given at the end of a light meal after Lodge meetings all around the world. It is honoured by all present and gives us pause to reflect on those less fortunate than those able to attend.

Bay of Plenty District takes this opportunity to pause and reflect on all those who are suffering and know that our thoughts are with you.

If you wish to subscribe to our Newsletter, or have an enquiry to do with this website, please contact our Web Admin via Contact Us.

For further information on Freemasonry in general or this District in particular, please contact our District Grand Master via Contact Us.

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Veiled in Allegory?

Wife texts husband on a cold winters morning:
"Windows frozen."
Husband texts back:
"pour some luke warm water over it."
Wife texts back: "computer completely dead now."